Criminal Investigations Division

Spalding County Sheriff's Office CID Coin

    The Criminal Investigations Division is comprised of General Investigations, Juvenile Investigations, Crime Scene Investigations, Gang Investigations, Special Operations, and School Resource Officers. The General Investigations branch investigates crimes against persons and property. Examples of these crimes include homicide, aggravated assault, rape, burglary, theft, vehicle theft, forgery, fraud, and any other crimes committed against a person or property. Each investigative division relies heavily on Crime Scene Investigators who use cutting edge technology and methods to obtain DNA, fingerprint lifts, photographs, and other evidence of forensic value from crime scenes.

    Investigators are responsible for recovering stolen property, gathering forensic evidence, processing, evidence, maintaining evidence, victim/witness interviews, and interrogating suspects. Investigators compile all gathered information into a case file that is presented to the courts for prosecution.

    The Victim Services Unit falls under criminal investigations and is a grant funded service that ensures that crime victims are cared for and supported. Victims and witnesses receive information about court appearances, bonding and prison release information of perpetrators in crimes they are affected by, offer financial assistance or assistance with housing if needed, and provides transportation for crime victims if needed.



Major Michael Morris

Criminal Investigations Division Commander