We realize that some visitors may not know which area to look at for certain types of information. Therefore, we've gathered several commonly asked questions here to make it easier to find information.


For detailed information and frequently asked questions about the School Speed Zone Camera Program, please click here!

Legal Resources

Where can I find information about laws in the State of Georgia, Spalding County, and the City of Griffin?

        -> Information on laws in the State of Georgia can be found on the Georgia Legislature website.

        -> To view the Official Code of Georgia online, please visit Lexis-Nexis.

        -> To view ordinances related to Spalding County, please visit Municode.
        -> To view laws and ordinances related to the City of Griffin, please visit Municode.

***NOTE: Information contained in the websites above is NOT published or controlled by the Spalding County Sheriff's Office. Use at your own discretion.***

Department Related Questions

What is the non-emergency telephone number?

        -> The non-emergency telephone number is (770) 229-9911.

What is the Narcotics Tip line?

        -> The Narcotics Tip line is (770) 412-4399.

How do I file a report over the telephone?

        -> To file a report over the telephone, please call our main number at (770) 462-4282.

Detention Related Questions

How do I find out if an inmate is in custody?

How do I find out an inmate's charges?

How do I bond an inmate out of jail?

How do I visit an inmate?

How do I add funds to an inmate's account?

How do I send mail to an inmate?

How do I send messages to an inmate?

Court Related Questions

How do I find information about court dates?

        -> The Spalding County Sheriff's Office does not assign court dates. We are frequently asked by inmates, and family members, about when someone is supposed to go to court. The best resource to obtain this information is the Spalding County Online Records Search, also known as "the portal." The website is . The information maintained in the portal is not maintained by the Sheriff's Office.

I, or an inmate, requested, and was assigned, a Public Defender for my case. How do I find out who was assigned and their contact information?

        -> The Public Defender's Office is a separate entity from the Spalding County Sheriff's Office. When inmates are processed through booking, they may request a public defender by filling out a request form. Once the information is sent to the public defender's office, this is the end of the Sheriff's Office's involvement with obtaining a public defender.

The Public Defender’s Office (Felony Cases) can be reached at 141 W. Solomon Street, Griffin, GA  30224. The phone number is 770-467-4725.

The State Court Public Defenders Office (Misdemeanor Cases) can be reached at Sullivan & Ogletree Attorney’s Office, 743 S. Hill Street, Griffin, GA  30224.

Field Related Questions

How do I find out if someone has a warrant issued for their arrest?

How do I find out about incidents, vehicle crashes, and other activity in my area?