It has been an honor and privilege to be your Sheriff since 2017. We all appreciate the support we feel from the community as we continue to grow and build bridges of communication, trust, and transparency. We have a new look, a new outlook on our community, and a new view of how we interact with people every day.

    2020 was a difficult and challenging year to say the least. COVID-19, and its associated issues, changed the way that not just public safety, but everyone across our country, interacted and conducted business. It was a challenge that the men and women of the Spalding County Sheriff's Office met head on by adapting and changing to this ever-evolving situation.

    The men and women of the Spalding County Sheriff's Office are the real heroes of the agency. They do an outstanding job in making Spalding County a better place. Although not all employees are pictured or mentioned, they are all part of our team.

    I am proud of them and the way that they continue to rise to the occasion and go the extra mile. We pledge to continue working to make Spalding County a safer place to live, work, play, and raise our families. Our motto is "Protect with Courage, Serve with Compassion" and we work hard to provide a professional, compassionate law enforcement agency that you can be proud of.

Sheriff Darrell Dix

Sheriff Darrell Dix

Sheriff Darrell Dix,

Sheriff of Spalding County