Inmates arrested on charges from Magistrate, State or Superior Court, who do not have a bond set at the time of arrest must go before a Judge to obtain a bond. If a Magistrate Judge cannot set a bond, a Bond Hearing will be scheduled.

    Bond can be posted for an inmate in several ways. Bonds can be made by Cash, Property, or by a Professional Bonding Company.

Bond Fee

    A $20.00 Bond Fee shall be collected for each bond written in accordance with O.C.G.A. 15-16-21. This bond fee must be paid with a money order in addition to any cash required by the bond.

Spalding County Property Bond

    This bond can be made if the inmate knows anyone who has property in this county and is willing to post the inmate's bond. The person posting the bond will need to bring proper photo identification along with a copy of the Property Deed and current tax statement for the property which is being used. For the property to qualify to be used for a Property Bond, the owner must have enough equity to cover the amount of the bond. The bond will be subject to the approval of the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office.

Out of County Property Bond

    This bond can be made if an inmate knows someone who is a property owner in another county within the State of Georgia. The person posting the bond will have to go to the Sheriff's Office in the County where the property is located, have them do the bond (separate County fees may apply), seal the bond and bring it to the Spalding County Jail. Spalding County does not charge a bond fee for this type of bond. Out of county bonds must be delivered within one day of the date on the bond.

Cash-in-Lieu of Property Bond

    This bond enables the inmate, or someone he or she knows to use cash instead of property as collateral to make a bond. The person making the bond will need to pay the entire bond amount including any and all fees in the form of money order or a certified cashier check (made out to Spalding County Sheriff’s Office). They must have a separate money order or certified cashier check (made out to Spalding County Sheriff’s Office) for the bond fee.

Professional Bonding Company

    The Spalding County Sheriff's Office is not affiliated with and does not endorse nor recommend any specific bonding company. Any business conducted with a bonding company is between the customer and the bonding company.

    Bond can be made by contacting an approved bonding company. Approved bonding companies authorized to process bonds in Spalding County are listed below in no particular order.

Anytime Bail Bonding
B & P Bonding
Rapid Bonding
1st Choice Bonding