When an inmate is brought into the Spalding County Jail, all clothing and personal property is collected and turned over to the Property Clerk.

    All inmates have 10 days from the day they come into the Jail to have someone pick up their clothing, (including shoes, coats, belts, caps, etc). At time of booking, Inmates will designate someone to pick up their property within that 10 days. A valid picture I.D. must be presented by the person picking up any inmates' property. After 10 days, all clothing items are donated or discarded. Personal property such as phones, keys, wallets, and jewelry will remain in Property and will be returned to the inmate upon release. Once an inmate is released, they have 30 days to return to pick up any additional property.

    When an inmate is being released, he/she will be able to call someone to bring them clothes.

    Any money the inmate has when they come to jail is placed on their inmate account. The inmate will receive a receipt for the money. No money from an inmate account will be released to anyone while the inmate is in custody. When the inmate is released, the funds that remain on their account will be returned to them.