Regular mail is accepted for inmates in the Spalding County Jail. All non-privileged inmate mail is opened and screened for contraband. Only letters are accepted, nothing else is allowed in the envelope. All letters are scanned and sent to the inmates, and all originals are destroyed. Letters are then available for the inmate to see for 14 days.

    No printed material will be accepted (pages from magazines, etc). Nothing can be in the envelope except a letter.

    No books, magazines, newspapers, or packages are accepted for inmates in the jail. Any of those items received are not opened, and will be stamped “return to sender” and sent back.

    All legal mail for inmates must be sent directly from an attorney or attorneys’ office in order to be delivered to an inmate. Mail clearly marked as being sent from attorneys, court officials, or government officials is considered privileged mail and will only be opened and checked for contraband in front of the inmate.

Address all mail for inmates in the Spalding County Jail as follows:

Inmate First and Last name (no nicknames)
401 Justice Blvd.
Griffin, GA 30224