Spalding County Sheriff's Office Victim Services Unit

Dear Citizens:

The Citizens of Spalding County are very important to me. Unfortunately, personal and violent crime is a reality in Spalding County. However, victims do not have to suffer the consequences of such crime alone; the Spalding County Sheriff’s Office has created a Victim Service Unit (VSU) which is a first-responder, crisis intervention unit specifically created for victims of personal and violent crime. This unit services these individuals at their point of need. This unit operates by money raised through crime victim’s court fines and fees, grants, and fundraising within the community.

 The VSU responds to citizens by providing an advocate who will evaluate the victim’s situation and refer that individual to a variety of empowering resources in the county that can assist in the healing process. At the time of crisis, VSU can assist with emergency food, clothing, shelter, and other necessities as needed. This unit’s mission is to support victims, help them heal from the effects of violent crime, and become more self-sufficient, or to simply answer questions.

 After the crime occurs, VSU realizes that the time spent before the court date is often very stressful and frustrating. Because the judicial system is very intimidating to someone who is not familiar with it, advocates with VSU work very closely with advocates from the court system to assist in the legal proceedings. VSU provides case information such as names, addresses, and telephone numbers of victims and family members to the District Attorney’s Office and to the Solicitor’s office. An advocate from one of these offices will contact the victim and assist him or her through the process of responding to this incident in court.

 For more information about the VSU, or to inquire about services, please contact the unit directly at 770-467-5453.


Sheriff Darrell Dix

Victim Services Unit (VSU)

Victims of crime, experience a variety of challenges. Problems victims encounter often include physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, relational, legal, and employment. The Victim Service Unit has been created to help address the problems for innocent crime victims. The following services are available:

 Victim Services

Services Provided


Crisis Response and Intervention Provides on-site service to help victims with immediate needs.
Education Provides information regarding the criminal justice process.
Referral Furnishes information regarding service agencies in the community which may provide assistance.
Support Group Sponsors trauma and grief support groups for victims and victim survivors.
Court Accompaniment Accompanies victims to court to answer questions regarding the proceeding, to ensure proper security, and to provide emotional support
Compensation Assists victims in filing Crime Victim Compensation.
Victim Impact Statements Assists in preparing victim impact statements and submits to prosecution and court (explaining the impact of the crime on victims and their families).
General Assistance Extends general assistance to victims and their survivors as needed.

 If You Are A Victim

If you are a victim of a violent crime, you may need assistance with physical, emotional, or financial problems that confront you. Also, you may have questions regarding the criminal justice process and your role in the investigation and prosecution of the case. Please contact our Victim Service Unit (VSU). Our staff is available to help you.


If You Need Protection

If you are being threatened or intimidated by the accused, please contact the VSU. We have shelters and safe housing available for your protection. Also, you may contact the investigator or the prosecutor assigned to your case and inform him or her of the threats or intimidation.


If You Need Special Services

If you have been victimized by violent crime, you may require special emergency services. A list of victim service agencies is provided for your convenience.




TAGS (Trauma and Grief Support) 770-233-2809
Lasting Impact Ministries 678-603-1086
Touch of Healing 678-688-3133
Nancy Anderson 770-480-1365


Advo-Kids CASA (Ext. 21) 770-229-3116
Spalding County DFACS 770-228-1386
Georgia Council on Child Abuse AKA
Prevent Child Abuse Georgia


Promise Place 770-692-3333
Christian Women’s Center 770-227-3700
Georgia Coalition Against DV 404-209-0280
Haven House 770-954-9229


Adult Protective Services 888-774-0152


Compassionate Friends 877-969-0010
Nat’l. Coalition of Homicide Survivors 520-740-5729
Suicide Hotline 800-273-8255
Parents of Murdered Children 513-721-5683
The Link Counseling 404-256-9797


Southern Crescent Sexual Assault Services 770-477-2177
Georgia Network to End Sexual Assault 404-815-5261


Alcoholics Anonymous 404-525-3178
Narcotics Anonymous 888-677-8810
Midway Recovery 770-227-8975
McIntosh Trail MH/DD/AD 770-358-5252
MADD 770-615-3737


Spalding Collaborative


Spalding County Sheriff’s Office 770-467-4282
Griffin Police Department 770-229-6450
Georgia State Patrol 770-229-3410

To download a pamphlet from the Victim's Services Unit and services provided, please CLICK HERE or scan the QR Code below.

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Youth Services
Lewis, Irma
Victim Services Coordinator